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Joseph Morgan, Paul Wesley and Nathaniel Buzolic ruined my life.

Klaroline and Stelena is endgame.

Not a Delena/Damon/Elena friendly blog

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C h e e k  k i s s i n g is a ritual or social kissing gesture to comfort someone, to show respect, to flirt, or to say goodbye to someone you love.



This is everything.

How fucking old is homers dad?



This made tear up for real.

And we all know the answer…


i should not be laughing this hard







Daniel Radcliffe Brushes Off ‘Fifty Shades’ Snub (x)

I appreciate the very real disgust on his face in the second gif. 

i bet rob pattinson just rang him up and screamed don’t do it in the phone

I bet this phonecall happened at 2am with no greeting and Dan knew exactly who it was and why.

I bet Robert Pattinson has made it his mission in life to prevent people from taking shitty roles that will haunt them forever and everyone in Hollywood knows it and now he’s like the Acting Avenger

the Acting Avenger

Kat and Ian in their own little bubble while the rest of cast are being interviewed


i dont think my friends understand. when i say my room is messy i dont mean “cute” messy where i have a jacket hanging here and there i mean messy as in fuckin trash island where garbage citizens hold elections over who will become the next trash overlord it’s fuckin gross


you ever think about the other sperm you beat out to exist?

the astronauts?

the rappers?

the concert pianists?

but you, the tumblr blogger

you won

make me choose: @anonymous Lucifer or Crowley

Persia White & Joseph Morgan’s Wedding Pictures


don’t even talk to yourself